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12 years ago

Hi Everyone,
I know I am writing a lot.  But I have the time and the opportunity and it gives me a chance to document my experiences
down here.  You are welcome to delete them or just skim through them!  Last Thursday at the ward the Relief Society
had planned a sort of sub for santa for the "'poor'" down here.  They themselves live in cinder block houses but I guess
they are the lucky ones.  Many live in stick houses with a little bit of tin on top and dirt floors, etc., etc.  The sisters were
asked to donate food or used clothes.  I was pretty sure they would not have much food to donate so I went to the store
and bought 22  2lb bags of rice and 22 2 lb bags of beans.  Henry, the dad here, thought one pound bags would be big
enough to donate but I insisted on the bigger amounts.  It all cost me about $35.00.  Not sure how they would compare
to our prices for rice and beans.  The beans are twice as expensive to buy as the rice.  It's a lot harder to process and they are
more temperamental to grow.  But do they love their beans!  Anyway, the Relief Society distributed it and they told me
yesterday at church that the women were thrilled with their beans and rice. 
Picked up Bralin and his mom to go to church.  Unfortunately, the baby sister was sick so the mom couldn{t go.  I
wondered how Bralin would entertain himself during Sacrament meeting not being able to hear any thing.  I decided to get creative so I began to draw a picture of what the front of the chapel looked it and then passed the paper and pencil to Bralin and pointed at the front of the chapel for him to
draw it.  Later I looked over and he had drawn a picture of Michael Jordan with a basketball in
his hand making a slam dunk.  I laughed. His other love is basketball and Michael Jordan.  I then
noticed a guy three rows up on our right posed with his hand under his chin.  I then began to
draw him and I would point to my picture and then point to the guy I was drawing.  I would have
attempted to draw one of dad's caricatures but the guy didn't have a
bad feature so it would have been hard.  Bralin was beside himself when
he realized what I was doing and who I was drawing.  I then handed him
the picture and he finished it up and added hair, sideburns and other
details and then snuck up and handed the guy the picture.  So needless
to say we had a good time.  I had to apologize to the family for acting like one of the kids during the meeting.  At least Bralin wasn't too bored.
He always likes to go into the classes where all the kids his age know
him and like me.  They have a lot of respect for him because of his
soccer abilities. 
Came home from church and a ward member came over to make tres leches, the
cake.  Believe me, it is the cake.  She said it was very easy.  Well it
wasn{t particularly difficult only very complicated, with many steps.
But it turned out fabulous, all topped with strawberries.  Wow.  I think
I will try and tackle it when I get home and see if I can impress someone, Anne, or Lara or anyone.  An elder from Bountiful was having his 21st birthday.  So it worked out great. 
Love to you all, Bonnie