Updates on San Pedro Sula

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9 years ago

I'm currently putting the final touches on my website, ninosdecarlosfoundation.squarehook.com. The foundation helps children in Honduras gain an education and couldn't be more timely as it was reported in the July 29th issue of Time magazine that Honduran children are leaving Honduras by the thousands and heading North due to poverty, gang violence, and a lack of opportunities. This article is centered on San Pedro Sula, which is considered the murder capital in the world, where we have two students currently enrolled in Spring Hill Academy. We hope that instead of more and more young people having no other choice than to leave their home, they can use their education to have a shot at living and improving their community in San Pedro Sula.

Allan studying at Spring Hill Academy

The two students, Michelle and Allan, are both 8 years old. Allan loves soccer and Michelle is passionate about learning and loves anything to do with school. We have high hopes for these two wonderful children and their families. If you'd like to contribute to helping Michelle, Allan, and the other niños get an education, you can contribute any amount you'd like (every little bit helps!). If you give a $25 donation, you'll receive a free t-shirt as a thank-you gift from us.