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11 years ago

Hi Everyone, Yesterday was Sunday. The group took a bus to a quaint little town called Via de Angeles. The weather has been unseasonably cold. That's right I said "COLD". I was so counting on heat. Oh well. For the most part it's been pretty pleasant but none of us brought enough long shirts and sweaters. Driving in the bus we passed all the shacks and dumpy, crumbling cement hovels that yes, people live in!! It's pretty hard to imagine what they look like inside but you know it wouldn't be pretty. Their is always laundry hanging out on their fences and clothe lines, and lots of mangy dogs milling around. Later that afternoon we attended the Reformed Christian Church in what used to be the most dangerous city in Tegucigalpa, Nueve Suyapa. AJS has done alot of work in that neighborhood. The two head honchos of the group who started the organization both live in that neighborhood and have for the past 25 years. One is a Honduran along with a man and his wife, from Michigan. They are all very devoted to the country and the people. The couple from Michigan are both gringos of dutch heritage and have raised their children right there in that neighborhood. We attended church in the neighborhood. Their were lot's of loud drums and electric guitars. Pretty interesting! They constantly talk about how we need to be "brave Christians".They are actually an extremely attractive couple. Because of the work they done the crime rate and the murder rate have really gone down. It's pretty impressive. It really makes me want to continue to support them and try to get other people who have ties or family members in Honduras to become aware of their work. Today we had great lectures on Security issues in Honduras. The lack of a trained police force who is honest, lectures on abuse and what is being done, peace and justice issues. The University President of the main University here (who is appointed and welds a lot of power just lost her son. He was murdered by some bad police. Anyway I think things are going to be changing, maybe not quickly, because of this high level crime. I have loved being here and hope that somehow I can make a difference. Poco y poco (little by little). One of the staff fell and hurt her neck. She got muscle relaxants from the local pharmacy without a prescription. I said, "If one were to seek out such a drug, what would one ask for?" Everyone howled with laughter. We've sure have enjoyed each other. Love to you all, Bonnie